Andean Condor, where and when to see it?

The Andean condor (Vultur Gryphus) is listed as one of the largest birds in the world and you can appreciate it in full flight in South America from different viewpoints in different countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Chile and others.

In order to appreciate this bird in its natural habitat we must move to rocks between 1000 to 5500 meters above sea level, which is where they build their nests and hatch their young.

Where to see it?

In Peru one of the most famous and preferred canyons to appreciate the overflight of this majestic bird, is located in the city of Arequipa in the Colca Canyon (how to get there), this canyon is one of the deepest in the world and is therefore perfect place for the nest of hundreds of condores that every day go out in search of food to be able to feed their young.

Another place that is gradually gaining its place for the observation of the overflight of the Condor, is the Apurimac Canyon in the Chonta sector in the city of Cusco. From this point you can observe the birds and at the moment it is not as crowded as its pair in Arequipa.

What is the best time to see?

The overflight of the Condor is throughout the year; however the best time to appreciate this show is in the "dry season" given the low presence of rain, since the condors to go out to hunt or look for dead animals - since they are scavenger birds - need a favorable climate and currents of hot air that can help them take flight given their size.

The dry season in Peru specifically in Arequipa and Cusco is between the months of May to October which would be the best months to visit the places where you can see this impressive bird in its natural habitat.

You can not miss the opportunity to appreciate this impressive spectacle of the largest bird in the world!

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01 Agosto 2018

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