New Year in Peru

On new year’s eve we are grateful for all the things that we receive and lived in the year that goes away, and also we celebrate the new opportunity to set goals, and new plans with the desire to fulfill them with good health and prosperity.

In different cultures there are traditions to start the year in a good way; And the Peruvians are not left behind. You will see many people eating twelve grapes at midnight asking for a wish for every grape they eat; Those who wish to travel in the beginning year, take their luggage to walk around block.

Also for good luck there are those who decide to wear yellow underwear. In some cities the burning of a doll is made representing all the bad things that happened in the year that has just passed; This is done in order to release the bad energies.

It's about New Year celebration and Perú has a lot to offer if you want to start the year doing something different, exploring the natural beauty, culture and sharing the party with new friends from all over the world.

Cusco is the place for those who want to spend a year in a mystical city, knowing archaeological sites and learning about the Inca culture. In this city you will have a great variety of tours to choose between family tours and extreme adventure.

For nature lovers, Iquitos is the ideal place to start the year. Here awaits you the Peruvian Amazon where you can know lots of birds, animals and endemic plants.

If you like the big parties in the city, in Lima, you will find a good atmosphere to receive the New Year with many options throughout the city. You can also take advantage of your trip and visit the Sanctuary of Pachacamac, the ancient city of Caral, Historic Center of Lima and much more.

In the most important cities the new year is celebrated with a great feast, where there will be a delicious banquet with a variety of salads, meats and garnishes; For the toast a delicious pisco sour or a sparkling champagne.

Do not forget to choose your destination and book your hotel in Peru, so you do not miss out.

If you need any help planning your adventure, let us know!

Inca World Perú
16 Diciembre 2016

Inca World Perú

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