Arequipa , How to get to the Colca Canyon in only 1 day?

In the region of Arequipa is located one of the deepest canyons in the world, with a depth of 4160 meters The Colca Canyon has in its entire territory impressive terraces built by cultures previous to the Incas, towns that still preserve their ancestral customs and costumes and in addition is one of the favorite destinations by visitors for the observation of the majestic Condor who nests very close to the viewpoint known as “Cruz del Condor” to more than 3600 meters above sea level.

The visit to the Canyon of Condor can be done in just one day or more days in case you want to explore some areas within the same canyon.

To reach the Valley and the canyon of Colca the best option is arriving first to the city of Arequipa (2335 masl) and spend at least one night there to acclimate and not hurt the symptoms of "Soroche" or altitude sickness.

In the city of Arequipa and just in front of the terrestrial terminal is the collective’s terminal from where they leave from very early (3:00 am) sprinters (vans) which are directed toward the “Mirador del Condor” in the Colca Valley. The cost is usually between the S/.20 to S/.30.00 Soles and you must go early, as these come out once it is filled.

The journey is direct and takes about 4 hours up to the viewpoint, mobility will drop you off right at the side of the viewpoint and from there you can appreciate the spectacular flight of the condors that leave their nests in search of food and return before nightfall.

To return to the city of Arequipa you can wait in this same place until some collective or bus that go back to the city of Arequipa, you also have the option to stay in Chivay, a small village where there are restaurants with menus and buffet. From Chivay you can board the bus to take you to the city of Puno if in case you want to continue your trip and do not return to Arequipa.

But if you want to enjoy the tour you can choose to take the Colca Canyon Tour, offered by all the agencies and prices vary according to the type of service.

The tour part of the city of Arequipa between 03:00 to 04:00 am heading to the Colca Valley stopping during the trip for breakfast and lunch, even make a stop at the hot springs of La Calera where for a cost of S/.15.00 soles you can enter to relax with its medicinal thermal waters or if you prefer, at a cost of S/30.00 soles you can make the Zipline in two tranches of 800 and 600 meters from one side of the Colca River to the another side.

The tour ends in the city of Arequipa at approximately 17:00 hrs and leaves you in the center of the city very close to the Main Square.


Acclimate:  We recommend staying at least 1 day in the city of Arequipa (Discover where to stay here)

- Carries light and warm clothes as the weather during the morning is cold but in the afternoon is hot especially in the dry season (April to October).

- Extra money for shopping for handicrafts, in towns and Chivay, Maca and even in the Mirador del Condor offer cheap and very interesting objects.

- It is never an excess to bring some coca leaves or candies

- Bring sunscreen and sunglasses

- A camera to photograph and enjoy the beautiful scenery that offers you all the Colca Valley.

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28 Febrero 2018

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