Esnna Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru

ESNNA code

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The subscription to the ESNNA Program Code of Conduct implies the constant implementation of a series of measures that are executed and reinforced as an integral part of our operations.

Inca World is committed to complying with the ESNNA Code in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru.

Our office team, as well as the logistics staff (transporters, guides, drivers, and general staff), are properly trained to contribute to the compliance with the Code of Conduct. Tourists, both national and foreign, are categorically denied any offer or access to requests related to child or adolescent sex tourism, based on ethical and legal considerations.

Collaboration and compliance

In addition, we collaborate closely with our collaborators (hotels, restaurants, etc.) and all their staff to ensure compliance with the objectives and commitments of the ESNNA program in all sectors and phases of the tourist services we offer.

Commitment and agreement

Both our team at INCA WORLD PERU and our strategic partners are committed to strictly enforcing the ESNNA Code of Conduct and reporting to the authorities when necessary.

Contribution to well-being

As part of our commitment to a social responsibility policy at Inca World Peru, we contribute to the well-being of children in our country by generating sustainable income for families in our destinations.

Responsible tourism

The actions derived from the ESNNA Code and Inca World Peru stand out and are prioritized as part of our social responsibility policies. We aspire for tourism to be an activity that only brings benefits to the region and the country.

Prevention Practices

At the time of booking, please inform us of the documents required to register a minor.

When attending a group where there are children, adolescents, and/or teenagers with adults, be aware of the interaction between them.

If you receive groups where minors travel in charge of teachers, tour guides, or any other representative of a travel agency

Block web pages that have inappropriate content related to sexual practices with children and adolescents

In hotels, do not allow anyone to enter rooms without proper registration.

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