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How we make the perfect trip possible

Most important is: how to arrive

There are many travel agencies who can take you to a place or destination that you want to visit. At Inca World Peru, we strive to be not just a ticket counter, or a booker of hotel rooms and bus seats; we want to help you have the perfect trip.

How do we do it?


This depends on the trip type and the level of service which you have chosen. We can use local transport (taxis, buses, etc.) to reduce costs, or we can use private transport just for your group.


We select hotels which offer security and comfort to our clients. Depending on the level of service preferred, you can choose the hotel and the room type in the different destinations which you will visit. For treks, we offer quality camping equipment.


You choose what to do, and we’ll do what we can to make it possible. We can adjust programs to your interests and needs.

Personalized Assistance

An Inca World representative will be available at all times, reviewing the progress of your trip and ensuring that the services offered are delivered at the service level offered.

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