New Treasure of Cusco, Condor Canyon

There is no doubt that the ancient capital of the Incas is a place full of wonderful places ranging from rocky cities built on the mountains so high that it seems that they were on the clouds, to imposing colonial churches that mix in a very unusual but impressive combination .

This is how the city of Cusco does not stop surprising us and now has opened a new option to visit especially for nature, culture and history lovers.

This new tour is called Cañón del Condor (Canyon of the Condor) is a new alternative for visitors as they pass through the navel of the world. We can make this excursion in just one day or if we have time we can do it in a calmer way in 2 days.

Our adventure begins in the city of Cusco from where we depart to the province of Anta, beautiful place that is the entrance of visitors arriving from the Peruvian coast. During the journey we will pass by picturesque villages like Poroy which is characterized by its delicious typical dish "El Chicharron"(fried pork). Also, near this place you can practice Bungee jumping and Slingshot for adventure and adrenaline lovers.

The capital of Anta Izcuchaca is less than 1 hour from the city of Cusco surrounded by beautiful landscapes and has a series of terraces in the sector of Zurite considered the longest and/or extensive. Continuing our adventure we will arrive to the archaeological center of Killarumiyoc (or temple of the moon) important archaeological center that still keeps important constructions, there is a rock where you can appreciate carved a crescent which gives the name to the place. Killarumiyoc is known as an ancient center of veneration to the moon (killa) and also an administrative center of this beautiful valley.

Our adventure will continue to the village of Limatambo but not before visiting a few minutes before Tarawasi that was a point of rest for the people that came and went of the Chinchaysuyo (Peruvian coast) This place has terraces and a very well built construction where we can appreciate a group of 13 niches.

After a 2 hour trip, we will arrive to Limatambo, a beautiful tropical village which will provide us with access to the town of Chonta (those who wish can stay overnight here). From this town we begin our trek for about an hour and a half until reach the viewpoint of Huaco highest point of our adventure (3,400 masl).

In the viewpoint we will have an incredible view of the canyon of the Apurimac surrounded by the mountains and the imposing snows of Salkantay and Humantay. From this viewpoint we can appreciate the over flight of the majestic condor, an incredible spectacle in which the condors will fly only a few meters from us.

Once the show is over, we can return to the city of Cusco by nightfall or stay in the village of Chonta, perhaps returning the next day before dawn to this viewpoint to see once again the spectacular over flight of condors.

As you see the city of Cusco has alternatives to get out of the popular walks, this year have been enabled new routes like this or as visits to the mountain of Seven Colors.

So if you already plan your visit to the wonder of the World Machu Picchu do not forget to schedule a day to experience new adventures in this canyon full of charm and that we promise is worthy of visiting.

Inca Wolrd Peru
17 Noviembre 2016

Inca World Peru

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