Portada de Tour to Paracas Reserve

Tour to Paracas Reserve

6 Hours


Paracas Reserve beautiful place where you can observe the rich variety of natural beauty where wildlife is preserved and seascape that gives a dramatic touch ....


Summary travel plan

  • Paracas Half Day

Itinerary Tour to Paracas Reserve

Paracas Half Day

The tour to the Paracas Reserve starts with the pick up from the bus station or hotel from 10: 00a m 10:30 a.m. visiting what was the famous rock formation of the Cathedral, the famous beaches such as Red Beach, Yumaque and then Lagunillas we will go to Cerro Colorado where we can make out two bays where we can appreciate the varierdad bird, then continue to the information center and return.

This tour includes

  •      Pick up from the bus station in Ica
  •      Guide
  •      Transport
  •      Tickets

This tour does NOT include

  •      Accommodation in Ica
  •      Feeding
  •      Port charges S / 10.00
  •      Additional features

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