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Portada de Buggies and Sandboarding in Usaca

Buggies and Sandboarding in Usaca

We’ll enjoy a great experience in the desert of Usaca exploring an exciting excursion on a buggy and descending from the top of the dunes on a table. Also we’ll make a visit to the aqueducts of Ocongalla who are 500 years old; and the amazing pyramids of Cahuachi, which were used as a ceremonial center for the Nasca.

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Portada de 1-Hour Flight Over the Nazca Lines

1-Hour Flight Over the Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines represent one of the most popular tourist destinations in Peru. We’ll fully enjoy these mysterious ancient geoglyphs, etching in the Nazca Desert; in an extended flight in which you can take great pictures of each of the impressive figures.

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Portada de Chauchillas Cemetery Tour
2 1/2 HOURS

Chauchillas Cemetery Tour

Chauchillas Cemetery is a pre-Inca necropolis where we’ll see remains of the ancient civilization and its mummies; which have been perfectly preserved for thousands of years thanks to the arid climate of Nazca. Many of the mummies still have skin and hair, which is quite surprising for those who visit this place. Also we’ll get information about this mysterious culture that gained fame for the Nazca Lines.

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Portada de Half-Hour Flight over the Nazca Lines

Half-Hour Flight over the Nazca Lines

Atrévete a realizar esta aventura, “Sandboarding en el cerro Blanco” Saltar en tabla sobre la Duna más alta del mundo, con una altitud que supera los 2070 metros. Disfruta de esta experiencia emocionante en tu vida lanzándote desde el Cerro Blanco en caída de más de 600 metros. además, mientas vamos ascendiendo podrás disfruta toda la belleza natural que la rodea, flora y fauna exótica de su propia zona. La duna más grande del Mundo “cerro blanco” está ubicado en el valle de nazca, departamento de Ica a unos 20 kilómetros de la ciudad de Ica. Para practicar el Sandboarding extremo el cerro blanco es idea, las bajadas son bastante empinadas aptas solo para viajeros aventureros. Si eres amante del deporte extremo también hay la opción de Sandboarding en Usaca.

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Portada de Sandboard in Cerro Blanco

Sandboard in Cerro Blanco

We'll ascend to one of the highest dune in the world "Cerro Blanco" to enjoy breathtaking views and experience the thrill of your life by descending from the top on a board, in a fall of 600 meters.

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