Portada de 1-Hour Flight Over the Nazca Lines

1-Hour Flight Over the Nazca Lines

1 Hour


The Nazca Lines  represent one of the most popular tourist destinations in Peru. We’ll fully enjoy these mysterious ancient geoglyphs, etching in the Nazca Desert; in an extended flight in which you can take  great pictures of each of the impressive figures.


Summary travel plan

  • Flight over the Nazca Lines

Itinerary 1-Hour Flight Over the Nazca Lines

Flight over the Nazca Lines

We’ll pick you up at your hotel in Nazca or at the bus terminal in Nazca at the agreed time (This excursion is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your itinerary). Then we’ll go to the airfield where we’ll take the plane that will take us on a one-hour flight. The plane will pass several times over the different figures of the famous Nazca Lines, to provide different views from different angles so that each passenger can enjoy each figure from different perspectives.

The Nazca lines cover kilometers from the surface of the desert, and are so large that they can only be seen flying over them completely. We will see large geometric designs and graphical representations of animals, plants and people. This includes the most famous figures: monkey, spider, the condor, among others.

This flight lasts twice as long as the regular flight of the Nazca Lines, which gives you more opportunities to take pictures of the figures.
After the flight, we'll let you back in your hotel in Nazca or bus terminal according to your preference

This tour includes

  • Roundtrip Tourist-Class Transport: From Hotel or Bus Terminal – To Nazca Aerodrome

  • Flight over the Nazca Lines

This tour does NOT include

  • Aerodrome Tax (20 Peruvian soles)

Important tour information "1-Hour Flight Over the Nazca Lines"

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