Portada de Chauchillas Cemetery Tour

Chauchillas Cemetery Tour

2 1/2 Hours


Chauchillas Cemetery is a pre-Inca necropolis where we’ll see remains of the ancient civilization and its mummies; which have been perfectly preserved for thousands of years thanks to the arid climate of Nazca. Many of the mummies still have skin and hair, which is quite surprising for those who visit this place. Also we’ll get information about this mysterious culture that gained fame for the Nazca Lines.


Summary travel plan

  • Visit to Chauchillas Cemetery

Itinerary Chauchillas Cemetery Tour

Visit to Chauchillas Cemetery

We’ll pick you up at your hotel in Nazca (or at the bus terminal in Nazca, if you prefer) at approximately 8:00 am to begin our journey in the desert, to the southeast of the city of Nazca along the South American highway that leads to the Chauchillas cemetery. We’ll be on the site for about an hour. We’ll be able to see 12 open graves with perfectly preserved mummies in each grave, we will see its pottery and other relics from thousands years old.

The Nazcas believed that there was another life after death; they did not mummified their dead intentionally, but this happened naturally and due to the arid climate of the place. Once we return to Nazca we’ll visit a pottery workshop, where we’ll learn how to make pieces of clay.

Then we have the option of visiting the center of gold mining process, also learn about the ritual performed before the miners extract gold. The previous activity can be replaced by a visit to a textile workshop.

This tour usually takes about 2:30 hours.

This tour includes

  • Transfer In / Out
  • Transport by Private Vehicle
  • Professional Guide

This tour does NOT include

  • Admission: Chauchillas Cemetery
  • Discretionary Spending

Important tour information "Chauchillas Cemetery Tour"

What to bring for this tour?

  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
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