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Itinerary of Visit the Show "Caballo de paso"

5 Hours in Lima
5 Hours

Casa Hacienda Los Ficus + Traditional lunch

You’ll be picked up at your hotel between 11:00 and 11:30am and we’ll head to beautiful Casa Hacienda Los Ficus, which boasts ample gardens and a stable of Peruvian Paso horses.

Upon our arrival, you’ll be greeted either by a chalán, the iconic Peruvian horseman, or an Amazonian, who will introduce us into the world of horses through the history of these beautiful animals.

The chalanes will lead the horses through a show that includes Peru’s national dance, the marinera. In this version of the dance, however, the couples comprise a woman on foot and a man on horseback.  

If you wish, you can opt to go on a horseback ride as well. The peculiar-looking sidestep that Peruvian Paso horses are famous for makes them the smoothes ride in the world.

We’ll then enjoy Peru’s typical cocktail, the pisco sour, and a buffet of traditional Peruvian dishes. There will be plenty of salads and main dishes on offer, as well as dessert and a cup of wine.

Afterwards, we’ll board our transport and begin the return trip back to Lima.

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