Portada de Tour to the Sacred City of Caral

Itinerary of Tour to the Sacred City of Caral

12 Hours in Lima
12 Hours
according to group availability

Rediscovering the Sacred City of Caral

We’ll picked you up at your hotel in Lima between 7:00 and 7:15am and we’ll leave Lima heading to the beautiful Supe Valley by bus. There we’ll find the remains of the oldest civilization in the Americas, the Sacred City of Caral. The trip will take around 3 hours until we get to the archeological complex.

Upon our arrival, we’ll begin our tour with a walking trail on foot with our professional guide, who will explain the history and significance of the ancient city. During our visit we’ll know the zone called the altar of sacred fire, a small temple in circle form in which there is a small pit where the offerings were burned as herbs, bones, seeds, and quartz. Another important section is the amphitheater temple, where you’ll see a sunken circular ceremonial plaza where it’s believed that the men of Caral carry out their religious ceremonies.

Then will go at the imposing Main Pyramid, an imposing building which dominates the site’s urban zone. According to the archaeologists the top of the big pyramid allowed the visual control of activities done in the city and big part of the  surroundings. The body of a youth was found here who appeared to have been sacrificed in honor to the gods, as well as wall drawings and shark’s teeth adornments. It’s believed the Main Pyramid represented Caral’s political, administrative and religious center. From this point we can appreciate the green valley of Caral located behind the pyramid.

The next stop is Huanca Pyramid, a small construction whose façade faces an enigmatic monolith nailed to the ground, thought to have been used for astronomic and ceremonial activities. All these ceremonies and rituals were intended to know precisely if the year was going to be good or not, as well as knowing the time to sow and harvest.
As we finish our visit we’ll leave the ruins of Caral and we’ll head to a restaurant in the area of Huacho. Finally we’ll return to the city of Lima, where we’ll arrive at around 5:00pm.

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