Portada de Slingshot


2 Hours


An incredible experience full of adrenaline, recommended for everyone that wants to take a break from everyday activities. The slingshot or catapult of Cusco is considered the tallest of the world and is located in the middle of the great andean landscapes.


Summary travel plan

  • Slingshot

Itinerary Slingshot


This adventure to the highest slingshot in the world is almost like a reverse bungee jump. We’ll start this experience in Cusco, we’ll go in our private transportation for 15 minutes approximately until we get to Poroy.   

For the slingshot you will wear a body harness attached to a cord, similar to the type used for a bungee jump. You will be secured to the ground through a special anchoring system, while the cord is stretched as the cage is elevated.
The staff will regulate the stretching of the cord according to the speed you wish to be launched. (You’ll have the option of choosing between medium and maximum velocity). Once the cord has been stretched to the desired level, ‘the shooter’ will be activated into a unique experience, releasing you into the air at the angle of elevation predetermined by the specialists who designed the system.
As we finish, we’ll return in the private transportation to Cusco.

This tour includes

  • Complete, specialized equipment for bungee jumping
  • Transport to Poroy

Important tour information "Slingshot"

What to bring for this tour?

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Positive attitude
  • Sunscreen
  • Jacket
  • Sunglasses

Our passengers experienced the best tours in Peru

Enriqueta García Ecuador Ecuador 14 Oct, 2023

Hice un tour durante dos semanas entre Perú y Bolivia, los tour a lo largo de estos dos países fueron excelentes, la atención y servicios buenos. Siempre predispuestos a la atención.

tripadvisor comentarios y recomendaciones
César N México México 05 Jul, 2023

Excelente servicio. Una gran atención al detalle para que no te preocupes por nada. Nos arreglaron todos los recorridos y siempre fueron puntuales con los horarios

tripadvisor comentarios y recomendaciones
Thein Win Tailandia Tailandia 29 Jan, 2023

Inca World arranged La Paz city tour and Lake Taticaca tour. Guide Efrain is amazing and even picked us from the airport. We really enjoyed the tour.

tripadvisor comentarios y recomendaciones
Karin Australia Australia 29 Jan, 2023

It was a great experience, the tour guide was prepared and very helpful. Just loved the trekking with stunning site seeing's of the lakes and mountains. Highly recommend it!

tripadvisor comentarios y recomendaciones
Moon Italia Italia 04 Dec, 2022

La mejor experiencia con Inca World Peru. Desde que contacte con la agencia resolvieron todas nuestras dudas, nos hicieron sentir como en casa. La mejor experiencia que tuve en el maravillo pais Perú - Cusco

tripadvisor comentarios y recomendaciones
Johanna G Italia Italia 18 Nov, 2022

Inca World fue muy cumplido en los tres tours que hicimos, sus guias tienen una actitud divina…nos fuimos muy felices y agradecidos ❤️

tripadvisor comentarios y recomendaciones
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