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Portada de Tour to the Ballestas Islands - half day

Tour to the Ballestas Islands - half day

Ballestas islands are a beautiful place where you can find a great variety of rich biodiversity as birds, penguins, sea lions among others that make this tour a gorgeous visit.

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Portada de Ballestas Islands and Paracas Reserve full day Tour

Ballestas Islands and Paracas Reserve full day Tour

A classic excursion in the department of Ica, you will visit two of the most important destinations of this city: Ballestas Islands and the National Reserve of Paracas. During the tour you will be able to observe extraordinary quantities of birds and marine animals, among them pelicans, humboldt penguins, which are currently in danger of extinction and others. You will see The Chandelier, a huge geoglyph similar to those of the Nasca lines. You will discover the importance of each of these places and why they are protected by the Peruvian state.

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Portada de Ica City Tour

Ica City Tour

This great tour through the beautiful city of Ica will show you its ancestral cultures and traditional customs. You will know why the wines and piscos of this city are so famous on a walk through one of its oldest properties, you can even taste some of their elaborations and if you like you can buy these for special costs.

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Portada de Tour to Paracas Reserve

Tour to Paracas Reserve

Paracas Reserve beautiful place where you can observe the rich variety of natural beauty where wildlife is preserved and seascape that gives a dramatic touch ....

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