Portada de Sandboard in Cerro Blanco

Itinerary of Sandboard in Cerro Blanco

4 Hours in Nazca
4 Hours

Sandboarding down White Hill

It is appropriate to begin as early as possible this tour, it is recommended at 5:00 am because at noon the sun's rays are very strong. After picking you up at your hotel at the agreed time, we’ll leave for the desert in a 4x4 vehicle towards Cerro Blanco, considered one of the highest dunes in the world.


It will take us about half an hour to get to kilometer 28, which is the closest point we can reach by car. From there we’ll walk for 3 hours to reach the top of the dune. As we climb, we will enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding desert. Once we get to the top we can rest while our instructor teaches us a little bit about sandboarding, the use, safety instructions, and even some styles. There are smaller dunes located at the very top, where we can practice before our big jump. From the top of the dune, there are two knockdowns in pure sand: one is 600 meters, while the other is 1 km long.


After sandboarding down the dune, we’ll walk for half an hour to reach where our transport will be waiting in order to take us back to Nazca.

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