Portada de Horseback riding through Maras and Moray

Itinerary of Horseback riding through Maras and Moray

1 Day in Cusco
1 Day

Cruzpata - Moray - Maras - Salt mines

Our adventure begins picking you up at your hotel at 8:30 am, to board our private mobility and head on an 1 hour trip approximate to the community of Cruzpata that will be the meeting point with the muleteers and our horses.

We will begin our equestrian activity from Cruzpata going through beautiful roads decorated by the imposing snowy peaks and mountains of the place, as well as with large extensions of fertile crop fields that still nowadays are used by the communities that inhabit the area. Our journey will take us to Moray, where we’ll leave the horses to enter the archaeological center of the same name.

This visit will be guided and our specialized guide will explain the most important topics of Moray place that has circular terraces, that the Incas taking advantage of the land built as a research center and acclimatization of various plants, the platforms are descending little by little forming diverse microclimates which allows to plant from tubers of the Andes to the coca leaf (precious jewel of the Incas).

Finished our visit to Moray, we will ride our horses to the charming village of Maras, a lovely place that still preserves its picturesque colonial houses among which stands out its temple with the name of its patron Saint Francis of Assisi that was built In the XVII century. After our visit to this beautiful spot we will leave the horses to finally head to the salt mines of Maras, an impressive place that still has hundreds of pools where you can still see the locals extracting this mineral to sale it later on.

Our tour ends in the city of Cusco where we will arrive in our private transport.

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