Portada de Visit to Pachacamac's Sanctuary

Itinerary of Visit to Pachacamac's Sanctuary

1 Day in Lima
1 Day

Pachacamac Sanctuary

We will start the tour picking you up from your hotel in Lima to head the south of Lima, during the trip our guide will give us interesting information about the history of the city of Lima and then arrive at the citadel of Pachacamac.

During this enriching visit to one of the most important archaeological centers of the Peruvian coast dedicated to the God Pachacamac (Creator of the Universe) we will be able to appreciate pyramids, shrines and other adobe constructions that still retain as magnificence as they where their time of creation; the temple of the Sun, the Acllawasi (house of the virgins of the Sun) and the temple dedicated to Pachacamac deity that was the most important for the pre-Inca cultures of the Peruvian coast and later also it was venerated by the Incas placing it to the level of the God Sun and the Moon (main deities).

We will also be able to reach the highest point of this archaeological center from where we will have a spectacular view of the Lurín valley and the Pacific Ocean.

Our tour also includes a visit to Barranco district, where we can appreciate the Bridge of Sighs, a favorite place for composers, as it was the best place to look for inspiration in his compositions.

It is a tradition that anyone who sees this bridge for the first time and crosses it without breathing will have a dream come true

We will also be able to visit the marshes of Villa nature reserve for the preservation of diverse species of Flora and Fauna of the zone.

Our entire tour will take approximately 3 and a half hours. And the departures are from Tuesday to Sunday in the mornings and afternoons.

This is the scheduling recommended for this tour; we can also personalize your itinerary...

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