Portada de Tour to Uros, Taquile & Amantani Islands

Itinerary of Tour to Uros, Taquile & Amantani Islands

2 Days/1 Nigth in Puno
2 Days/1 Nigth

Floating Islands of Uros - Amantaní Island

We’ll pick you up at your hotel in Puno between 07:45 and 08:00am and head to the port in order to board our motorboat. Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest navigable lake, and it contains several traditional islands. Our first stop on the lake will be the legendary Floating Islands of Uros, where we’ll learn how the islands are made and maintained, and about the way of life of their inhabitants. The Uros are considered the oldest living culture in the Americas; their moveable artificial islands were once intended for defense.

Afterwards, we’ll continue on by boat for three hours until reaching Amantaní Island. There, we’ll each meet the local families with whom we’ll be staying and share in their daily activities. The Quechua-speaking population of Amantaní still dons the mixture of Spanish peasant dress with Andean accessories that they adopted shortly after the Spanish conquest.

In the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to try the island’s traditional dress and learn a local dance. We’ll spend the night in family homes.

Visit to Taquile Island - Return to Puno

After breakfast, we’ll board our motorboat and head to Taquile Island an hour away. There, we’ll have the opportunity to learn about and take part in local traditions. Taquile is famous for its textiles, which have been declared Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Humanity by UNESCO. You’ll see young and old creating their works- men knit, and women weave. We’ll explore the island for two hours and enjoy a delicious local lunch.

After this memorable experience, we’ll return to the port of Puno. We’ll arrive in Puno at around 5pm and you’ll be dropped back off at your hotel.

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