Portada de Tour to the Ballestas Islands - half day

Itinerary of Tour to the Ballestas Islands - half day

4 Hours in Ica
4 Hours

Ballestas islands half day

Our visit will begin with the pick up of Pisco at 7:15 in the morning, we will take you in our tourist transport to the port of Paracas, 8:00 am we will board the boat that will lead us to the Ballestas islands and will take approximately half an hour to reach them. During our trip on the same islands, we will observe thousands of guano birds such as Peruvian bobbies, guanay cormorant, tern tendril; large numbers of Humboldt penguins, which are in danger of extinction, fine and droll sea lions, who will impress us with their cries or barks and some dolphins.
The trip will take us approximately 2 hours in total, we will return to the port of Paracas and take you back to Pisco.

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