Portada de Tour to Maras and Moray

Itinerary of Tour to Maras and Moray

7 Hours in Cusco
7 Hours

Maras - Moray - Salt ponds

The tour begins with the pick up from your lodging between 8:00 am and 8:30 am. We’ll go in the direction of Maras, a traditional village which is located in the Urubamba Valley where we’ll appreciate its church made from adobe. We’ll continue to the archeological site of Moray at the north of Maras, which is a unique construction of several circular platforms that served as an agricultural laboratory to experiment with different products in the times of the Incas .

Continuing the tour we will arrive at Maras salt mine, impressive platforms of salt formed by thousands of white ponds that seem like snow. These have been used for thousands of years, long before the Inca empire and still nowadays they are still used by the local habitants. We’ll finish the trip returning to the city of Cusco around 3:00 pm.

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