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4 Hours in Lima
4 Hours

Swimming with sea lions in Callao

The trip leaves Callao in the morning or in the afternoon according to your preference, an area of ​​economic importance as it is the main port of Peru as well as being the only constitutional province in the world that is only 20 minutes from the center of Lima. From there we will sail towards San Lorenzo Island on a two-storey cruising yacht. First we will pass by El Camotal known as the Peruvian Atlántida, that is a part of Callao that sank in the time of the colony by an earthquake in XVIII century. Then we will arrive at San Lorenzo Island, which is the biggest island of the country where we will pass by the naval base of the island, the private beach of the president of Peru and more than 20 archaeological sites. Then we will go around El Fronton Island, where we will observe the remains of the prison of the same name where they held the most dangerous criminals so that they could not escape until 1986. This first part lasts an average of an hour and a half during which we will have a guide that will explain us about the tour.


Then we will go to the Palomino Islands where we can see a population of sea lions that is between 5000 to 8000 specimens approximately where after bordering the islands we can bathe with them. On board there will be a lifeguard who will first give us a demonstration of how to bathe with friendly sea lions and if you are willing to get into the water the lifeguard will accompany you and guide you in the water.


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