Portada de Manu 8 days / 7 nights

Itinerary of Manu 8 days / 7 nights

8 Days/7 Nigths in Manu
8 Days/7 Nigths

Day 1: Cusco - Paucartambo - Cloud Forest

Our tour begins in the city of Cusco, from where we will head in the direction of the Antisuyo area (part of the jungle in the Inca period), during our tour we will go through different types of landscapes such as inter-Andean valleys until reaching the Ninamarca area. Where we’ll see the famous "chullpas", circular constructions that probably our ancestors used as tombs.

A few kilometers away is the village of Paucartambo, a beautiful village that welcomes us with its picturesque colonial houses, its imposing church and its new and interesting museum where we’ll see why this town is recognized as the folkloric capital of Cusco.

We will have lunch on the way that will take us to the sector called Cloud Forest, which will be our first contact with the Peruvian Amazon; Where we’ll appreciate endemic flora and fauna like the “oso de anteojos” and the “gallito de las rocas”. Our journey for this day finishes at the Orchid Hostel of San Pedro where we will spend the night.

Day 2: Cloud Forest - Erika Lodge

This day we’ll wake up very early, to go out and observe the landscape around the lodge; with luck we will be able to see the “gallito de las rocas” (rooster of the rocks) (national bird of beautiful red and orange plumage). We will return to the hostel for breakfast and then we will head towards the village of Pilcopata * in this place we will have the option to practice rafting for an hour and a half.

Our tour by bus ends at Puerto Atalaya where we will board the boat that will take us to the Erika lodge, is in this place that we will spend the night. * Here we can participate in a canopy circuit.

In addition we will make a nocturnal walk for the observation of insects and amphibians.

Day 3: Erika Lodge - Aguas Calientes - Boca Manu

Very early we will go to a clay wall, where hundreds of parrots and macaws come every morning to consume the minerals that are necessary in the balance of their daily diet. After this activity we will return to the lodge to have breakfast and pack our things to head to Aguas Calientes where we’ll relax in their pools, then enjoy a delicious cold lunch.

After lunch we will head towards the town of Boca Manu accompanied by the flora and fauna of the place. This night we will rest in this town.

Day 4: Boca Manu - Reserved Zone / Cocha Salvador

This day very early we will go to the reserved area, leaving behind all traces of civilization, the first step will be to register at the entry point of the reserve and then navigate for an average of 4 hours to the sector called Cocha Salvador where we will spend the following two nights at Safari Sajino camp.

During this tour we will be accompanied by hundreds of birds such as herons, macaws among others as well as great opportunities to see capybaras, caimans, river turtles and some species of monkeys.

Day 5: Zona Reservada / Cocha Salvador

This day we’ll be probably awake early by the howling monkeys who reminds us that we are in their territory.

Taking advantage of the climate of the early hours in the morning we will make a walk to appreciate some animals that are in search of food.

A  the reserved area with the help of our catamaran (small boat) we’ll go trought the river to observe aquatic species such as giant otter, endangered species that can be seen hunting, playing or resting in the river, we can also see the black caiman.

A night walk will be organized in order to find and appreciate the American toad, cornet frogs and some other frogs.

Day 6: Zona Reservada / Cocha Salvador - Boca Manu

We will wake up early to observe as much animal species as we can.

After our morning walk we will return to the lodge to have breakfast and pack our thing.

As we head for Boca Manu during the trip we can see the enormous ceibas (tubular tree branches), butterflies of various colors and various species of monkeys such as the squirrel monkey and the Choro monkey. We will rest this night at the hostel in Boca Manu.

Day 7: Boca Manu - Erika Lodge

This day we will go against the current of the river and we will return to the reserve of Erika, all the way we will observe the beautiful flora and the impressive wildlife of the Amazon. We will spend our last night at Erika Hostel.

Day 8: Erika Lodge - Cusco

We will get up very early and continue crossing the river to the port of Atalaya and then we’ll take the bus back to the city of Cusco arriving very late at night.

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