Portada de Magical Tambopata 2 days / 1 night

Itinerary of Magical Tambopata 2 days / 1 night

2 Days/1 Nigth in Tambopata
2 Days/1 Nigth

Day 1: Kayak tour - Monkey Island

This fantastic feat will begin with the reception of your arrival at the airport or bus station, we will transfer you to our office in Puerto Maldonado, where you can leave the luggage that you will not need on the tour. Then we will transfer to the port to board the canoe that will us through Madre de Dios River until arriving at the lodge where we will be able to appreciate the Amazon forest during 40 minutes. Once we arrive we will have a welcome meeting.

Next we will prepare for the kayaking, putting on the lifeguards, first we will board a boat and then the kayaks, downstream by the Mother of God river we will enjoy this incredible adventure, always accompanied by a safety boat, you will even be able to bath in the waters of this river to get all the stress out.

In front of our lodge there’s an island of monkeys, these tender animals are used to the visit of humans and that is why they approach to people for food, so you can distinguish closely their different species. A little later we will take the boats again, which will take us along the river bank and we can see some caymans on the beach, we may also see the capybaras, which are the largest rodents in the world, and some nocturnal birds.

Day 2: Visit to Sandoval Lake

After breakfast, at 8:00 am we will board our boat and travel along the Madre de Dios River for 40 minutes until we reach the entrance of Lake Sandoval, we will disembark and walk for a few minutes to the control point of the lake, where we will register.
Continuing with the route, we will walk 3 kilometers that will take about 45 minutes. Along the way we will appreciate the different species of flora and fauna that may be: variety of birds, rodents, insects, reptiles, etc., while our guide gives us explanations to recognize them.

As soon as we get to the lake, you will have the option to take a relaxing swim in this splendid lake, then we will taste a typical and succulent lunch. Then we will take a boat ride through the lake, at the same time that we will look for birds like the hoatzines, anhingas, cormorants, etc. And if we are lucky we will see the river wolves or otters.

Finally we will make our return trip to the boat that will be waiting for us in the bank of the river, will lead us to the lodge and soon to the city of Puerto Maldonado arriving around the 6:00 pm.

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