Portada de Lima City Tour by night

Itinerary of Lima City Tour by night

1 Day in Lima
1 Day

Lima Historic Center

Our Night Adventure will start approximately at 6:20 pm after picking you up from your hotel in Lima. We will head to the historic center of the city to appreciate it in all its splendor with its churches, colonial and republican houses, squares and convents all fully illuminated to offer you an unforgettable moment.

The historical center of Lima has several plazas and churches full of history, including Plaza San Martín, a place that was founded in honor of the liberator Don José de San Martín on the occasion of the centenary of Peru's independence in 1921, then we’ll visit Plaza Mayor place that has houses mansions of the colonial time and beginnings of the republic in our country between which they emphasize the imposing Cathedral of Lima with its facade of baroque style and the Palace of Government that was previously the house of Pizarro (founder of the city of Lime).

Our tour will continue towards the Church of St. Peter which will welcome us with its majestic neoclassical façade, besides we can visit inside and appreciate its beautiful altarpieces and canvases among which are those painted by the Italian Bernardo Bitti.

Another of the churches we will visit will be Santo Domingo, a 16th century temple that opens its doors to appreciate its altarpieces, choir and its convent where we can visit its capitular room that was the first site of the University of San Marcos (The oldest in America) as well as the chapel of San Martin de Porres, where this cell had this Peruvian saint.

Our tour will take us approximately 3 hours and culminate leaving you in your hotel.

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