Portada de Floating Islands of Uros half day Tour

Itinerary of Floating Islands of Uros half day Tour

5 Hours in Puno
5 Hours

Puno – Floating Islands of Uros – Puno

After picking you up at your hotel in Puno, we’ll head to the port to board the motorboat that will take us to the Floating Islands of Uros. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes.

We’ll visit three islands where you’ll learn about the way of life and traditions of the Uros. You’ll learn how they hunt birds and fish, the many uses to which they put the lake’s totora reeds, and their prized weaving and embroidery.

The Uros ethnic group was one of the oldest settlements in the altiplano, the high andean plains; they took refuge on Lake Titicaca to protect themselves from the constant threat of the Collas and the Incas using the lake’s abundant reeds to form floating platforms, homes, and boats. During the visit, you’ll see the small homes and schools of the native families, and will have the option of going on a short ride in one of the distinctive boats made from the same totora reed as the islands themselves.

As we finish our tour, we’ll return to Puno and you’ll be dropped off at your hotel.

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