Portada de Buggies and Sandboarding in Usaca

Itinerary of Buggies and Sandboarding in Usaca

1 Day in Nazca
1 Day

Buggy ride through the desert of Usaca

After picking you up from your hotel in Nazca or at the bus terminal between 2:00 and 2:30 pm, we’ll go to the Usaca desert where we’ll begin our adventure on buggy.
Buggies carts are ideal for driving on the sand dunes and can reach amazing speeds, even jump from the dunes, making our trip exciting and memorable.

We’ll stop at the aqueducts of Ocongalla to learn how pre-Columbian cultures irrigated their lands to cultivate; also we will visit the ancient site of pilgrimage known as Cahuachi Pyramids which is an archaeological site that will give us an idea of ​​the Nazca culture.

We’ll end the trip doing sandboarding; This activity is similar to surfing the difference is that instead of water we will be sliding on the sand.
The guide will provide us some instructions and safety rules before starting the activity and then he will give us some time to practice sliding down the sand dunes. Depending on your trust, you can deal with the dunes ranging from 30 to 400 meters.

Finally, it's time to return to the city of Nazca, where we will leave you at your hotel or at the bus terminal.

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