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Portada de Visit to Chavin de Huantar full day

Visit to Chavin de Huantar full day

The pre-Inca monument of Chavín de Huantar was developed specifically in Huari province of Ancash and represents the perfection of the art of construction of the ancient Peruvians. We will visit each one of its complex stone constructions, and we will be able to understand why it was declared patrimony of the humanity.

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Portada de Visit to Pachacamac's Sanctuary

Visit to Pachacamac's Sanctuary

We will visit the archaeological center of Pachacamac where the Creator of the universe used to be venerated. This amazing site is made up of different places such as the temple of the sun, the temple of the moon, places of pilgrimage, and the museum of the square where was found an image of the god Pachacamac carved in wood.

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Portada de Colca Canyon Trek 2 days / 1 night

Colca Canyon Trek 2 days / 1 night

Meet one of the deepest canyons in the world, on a tour where you can appreciate the famous condor flight in search for food. Includes a walk through the picturesque canyon villages, with spectacular landscapes, and a stay in an oasis in the bottom of the canyon.

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Portada de Huaraz City Tour

Huaraz City Tour

Huaraz, a charming touristic place that is recently gaining fame for its culture, the archaeological complex of Chavín de Huantar, and the alley of Huaylas. It has breathtaking landscapes, snowy mountains and extensive lagoons. We will visit its main temple and appreciate a panoramic view of the city from the viewpoint of Pinar.

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Portada de Tour to the Sacred City of Caral

Tour to the Sacred City of Caral

Join us on a fascinating trip to the 5000 year-old site of Caral, a perfect destination for history lovers.

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Portada de Chachani - Biking downhill

Chachani - Biking downhill

We will enjoy the spectacular views of the volcanoes, snowy mountains and the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca in a speed tour through the Chachani volcano towards the city of Arequipa.

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Portada de Floating Islands of Uros half day Tour

Floating Islands of Uros half day Tour

Visit the Floating Islands of Uros, platforms constructed with totora reeds which some Uros families call home. You’ll see how the lake and its totora reed permeate all aspects of their lives, providing the material for homes, boats, and sustenance.

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Portada de Full-day colca canyon

Full-day colca canyon

This tour will amaze us with the biggest flying birds in the world; Pre-Inca tombs, Inca terraces and with the depth and natural beauty of the second deepest canyon in the world!

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