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1 Hour in Cusco
1 Hour

Tour through the City of Cusco

Before beginning our journey, you’ll be picked up at your hotel in Cusco between 1 and 1:30pm. Our first stop will be the city’s cathedral, where we’ll be able to appreciate paintings from the lauded Cusco school and precious gold and silver pieces.

We’ll then continue on to one of the most popular sights in Cusco, Qoricancha Sun Temple, which was the religious center of Cusco during the time of the Incan empire. We will see some of the original temples which have survived, although they were integrated with architecture added during the colonial period.

Afterwards, we’ll head up the hillside overlooking Cusco to visit Saqsayhuaman Archeological Complex, the remains of a sacred Incan enclosure and fortress. It’s the site where the Inti Raymi festival takes place each year.

Afterwards, we’ll continue to Qenqo, where we’ll be able to explore a semicircular cave with sculpted stone figures. After our guided visit, we’ll then head to Puca Pucara, the Red Fortress. It is thought that it served to control entry into the city of the Cusco. Our last visit will be to the Incan baths of Tambomachay, with its canals and small fountains.

We’ll return to the city of Cusco at 6:30pm.

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