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Salkantay Trek - How to get to Machu Picchu without a train?

Machu Picchu named one of the Wonders of the World in 2007 is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for visitors from around the World in Latin America and the ways to get there are several from...

24 Julio 2018
20 Julio 2018

Whale watching, the 2018 season starts now!

Every year between the months of July to October the coasts of the Peruvian North are visited by the giant humpback whales, which travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the cold waters of...

09 Julio 2018

Top 5 best things to do during the National Holidays!

Peru celebrates its 197th anniversary of independence and hundreds of people are already packing their bags to travel north, south and even to the Peruvian jungle in order not to get bored in the...

Cusco´s Tourist Ticket

In order to make things easier during your visit to the city of Cusco and released much of this wonderful city, the municipality of Cusco, in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture offers the...

02 Mayo 2018
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