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Portada de Gastronomic Tour - Lima

Gastronomic Tour - Lima

Undoubtedly the Peruvian gastronomy is one of the best in the world and is one of the most recognized today. During our tour we will go to a traditional market of the city where we will be able to see the variety of products of the different regions of Peru. We can also be part of the preparation of typical dishes and drinks in the restaurant Rosa Náutica that is located on the sea. Finally we will taste the delicious Peruvian food.

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Portada de Islands of Uros & Taquile full day

Islands of Uros & Taquile full day

Spend a full day on Lake Titicaca, visiting islands located on the Peruvian side of the lake which serve as picturesque windows into the lake’s unique history and culture. During this excursion you’ll explore Taquile Island to see how locals preserve their traditional dress and way of life, and stop by the Floating Islands of Uros to learn how these islands are made and maintained.

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Portada de Paragliding along the Costa Verde in Miraflores

Paragliding along the Costa Verde in Miraflores

Take a tandem paragliding flight in the popular seaside district of Miraflores, where you’ll enjoy scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and the area’s garden-covered cliffs.

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Portada de Tour to Llanchon Peninsula + Islands of Uros & Taquile

Tour to Llanchon Peninsula + Islands of Uros & Taquile

This exciting tour will take you through different islands of Lake Titicaca, including the floating islands of the Uros made of totora, where you will have the option of sailing on a raft of totora and Taquile Island which is the second largest island of the lake, famous in the world for producing one of the finest textile handicrafts. You will experience a stay in Llachón, a traditional community located at the edge of the lake where you will see an exhibition of typical costumes. We’ll be able to share with the inhabitants of each place visited, learning from their customs, their beliefs and their traditions.

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Portada de Tour to Sillustani Tombs

Tour to Sillustani Tombs

We invite you to visit the pre-Inca funerary towers of the archaeological site of Sillustani, which is located on a hill with extensive views of the beautiful Umayo, a lagoon that according to local legend is haunted. During this excursion in Puno, you will learn about the various ancient cultures who used the funeral towers of the site to house the mummies of noble families.

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Portada de Tour to the Cotahuasi Canyon

Tour to the Cotahuasi Canyon

This excursion will take us through the world's deepest canyon, also known as a canyon of wonders for its natural beauty, we can admire its Uskuni and Sipia falls, its traditional villages, volcanoes, extensive crops of chiwicha, mint, quinoa, corn, beans .. and more. Abundant wild plants (many of them medicinal) while experiencing 12 different types of ecosystems.

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Portada de Tour to Uros, Taquile & Amantani Islands

Tour to Uros, Taquile & Amantani Islands

This excursion will take you to the most important islands on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca by motorboat you will learn about the construction of the Floating Islands and the way of life of their inhabitants during this two-day tour. Spend a night in a family home on Amantani Island, where you will appreciate its temple and even make a hike to the highest point of this island, from where you can admire the impressive sunset. Also we’ll hike through the impressive landscape of Taquile, where you will learn why the textiles of this island are so fine and famous in the world.

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Portada de Viceroyal Lima City Tour

Viceroyal Lima City Tour

Immerse yourself in the history of the "City of Kings". We will explore impressive places in a huaca with miles of antiquity, picturesque colonial houses and incredible cathedrals. Welcome, Lima is waiting for you!

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