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Portada de Misti Volcano climbing - Northern Route

Misti Volcano climbing - Northern Route

The Misti volcano is known as one of the most representative symbols of the city of Arequipa, has a perfect climate, making it easy to climb. This tour will show us the beauty of the valley of Chili with spectacular views of the Aguada Blanca dam, snowy peaks, and the city of Arequipa. Also we’ll experience the feeling of being above the crater and see the fumaroles of this.

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Portada de Papagayo Program 4 days / 3 nights

Papagayo Program 4 days / 3 nights

This program is perfect for those who love nature. We will sail along the Amazon River while enjoying fascinating views of the humid jungle and its riverside villages. We can experience sharing with a native tribe who will teach us their customs, and their way of life; We will see different species of birds, fish, mammals and wild plants.

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Portada de Rafting Chuquicahuana Urubamba

Rafting Chuquicahuana Urubamba

This tour is for those who seek high-adrenaline adventure. It takes place in the most imposing section of the Urubamba River, along class II and III white-water rapids.

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Portada de Tambopata 3 days / 2 nights

Tambopata 3 days / 2 nights

We visit the Tambopata National Reserve, will do different activities, stroll by the Lake Sandoval enjoy the landscape and the variety of flora and fauna, the famous Monkey Island where we will see different species, share customs with a native community and ultimately delight our view with the wide variety of parrots and macaws ...

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Portada de Tambopata 4 days / 3 nights

Tambopata 4 days / 3 nights

In this unforgettable tour in the National Reserve of Tambopata we will take you through lush landscapes, with thick forests, huge rivers, variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects. You will visit the most representative of the area: Lake Sandoval where you can give yourself a relaxing bath and the Collpas de Loros where you will see hundreds of colorful birds eating at the same time. In addition you will experience the canopy and a coexistence with a native family, who live of what the nature provides them.

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Portada de Tour Sacred Valley with the Museum Inkary

Tour Sacred Valley with the Museum Inkary

Esta nueva excursión consiste en un total de 7 horas de caminata moderada (4 horas a la montaña, tres horas de regreso) durante el recorrido tendremos vistas de pueblos andinos, cultivos de distintos productos como trigo, cebada, papa, etc; enormes montañas, picos nevados; y finalmente la montaña de 7 colores que recientemente se está haciendo muy popular debido a su coloración poco común.

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Portada de Tour to Maras and Moray

Tour to Maras and Moray

Visitar y conocer los destinos milenarios de Maras y Moray, construcciones antiguas del imperio inca es obligatorio para quien arriba a la Ciudad del Cusco. Estos atractivos son parte del Valle Sagrado de los Inca. Indudablemente son parte importante para el imperio Inca. Nosotros te Ofrecemos Tour por Maras y Moray salineras una verdadera aventura, los lugares que visitaremos son los siguientes destinos: Iglesia de Maras (Construcción antigua de adobe con diseño colonial, posee pinturas antiguas) Salineras de Maras (más de 300 pozos pequeños de sal) Parque Arqueológico de Moray (terrazas circulares como centro de investigación agrícola) Conoce con nosotros estos increíbles destinos arqueológicos !Reserva Garantizada!

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Portada de Tour to the Ballestas Islands - half day

Tour to the Ballestas Islands - half day

Ballestas islands are a beautiful place where you can find a great variety of rich biodiversity as birds, penguins, sea lions among others that make this tour a gorgeous visit.

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